Obstacle Detection

Obstacle Detection will detect any obstacles that is unlevel with the ground. The user can snapshot an image of the obstacle with depth information embedded.
This project is aimed to assist the patients with Parkinson's Diseases. It would detect obstacles and alert the user that there is an obstacle ahead.
The TestFlight link has expired :(.
Website: the Website od.zhukaihan.com
Github (iOS App): the Github https://github.com/zhukaihan/Obstacle-Detection
Github (Training Code): the Github https://github.com/zhukaihan/Obstacle-Detection-Training
Training Data (We Collected): the Dataturks https://dataturks.com/projects/kaihan.zhu/Obstacle%20Detection%20Dataset
Log: the Website http://od.zhukaihan.com/log

Privacy Policy

This app will not collect any data. The user has full control of the images he or she takes. The developer(s) will have no responsibilities regarding how the user uses the app. The developer(s) will not take any responsibilities regarding this app.

If you have any questions, email kaihan.zhu@zhukaihan.com for answers.